Imagine feeling trapped in victimhood and being run by a story that keeps you from being the person you know, in your heart, you are meant to be.

Preventing you from making the difference you want to make.

Running your life at full capacity.

Being the change you wish to see in the world.

Maybe you don’t have to imagine it.

Maybe you have experienced what it is like to not fit in or not feel good enough, or wonder if you are actually deserving of more.

If this is you, I hear you and I want you to know, I’ve been there.

I’ve been through the impossible and made it to the other side.

I’ve lost everything – including hope, especially hope – and then found the most important thing of all, LOVE.

I’ve been so stuck, so paralyzed by fear, that I actually had a physical and emotional breakdown in the middle of a busy street in San Francisco (true story).

And you know what? I was able to pick myself up (with some help) and find a way to create my life – a life that I love.

An extraordinary life filled with opportunities and adventures, inspiration and leadership, magic and miracles.

I found a way to rewrite my story and stand in my purpose.

And it is my deepest desire to help you do the same.

To help you discover the magic and power within yourself.

To be in the inquiry of who you truly are.

To see yourself through the eyes of the world.

To recognize how great you are.

To realize YOU OWN YOUR DAY.

I have built a life that I love from unthinkable tragedy. And I can help you do the same.

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About Sandra

With years of experience in business, coaching, and consulting, I have the unique ability to get the best from everyone around me by meeting them where they are, asking the questions that will take them where they want to be, lovingly telling them the truth that they may not want to hear, and calling them on their bullshit. Tough and committed to their success, I won’t let them settle. I don’t let them settle. Ever.

I am an innovator and warrior. I always find a way for you to move forward, step into a space where you can create real solutions, and become a confident, empowered, fulfilled leader so you can build a life you love.

Schedule a complimentary “Infinite Possibility” strategy call so we can begin to rewrite your empowerment story: LINK


Sandra Grace is an inspirational author, speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant. She is driven by her desire to inspire others to live value-driven lives and create lives they love. She puts her energy into working for organizations and people who have the courage to transform. Through her workshops, keynotes, and coaching, Sandra inspires and empowers others to discover their passions, apply their values, and create successful and happy lives.

Sandra started her first company at the age of eight as the founding Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Association of Software Entrepreneur’s, which later merged with The Software Forum in San Jose, CA. She was also the President of MasterTeam, Inc. a recruiting and consulting company specializing in Network Start up’s.

Sandra now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She started Sandra Grace Transforms in 2012, providing workshops, coaching, and consulting for organizations and individuals for sales training, leadership, personal development, and business development.